Over here you will get a closer look into the girl behind the screen. You will  able to read about any activities I have been up to and any exciting events in my life. I look forward to sharing my experiences here but also my creative side such as my photography/ artwork.

IMAG0476               IMAG0775

You can also look forward to listening to a lot of fun and crazy adventures with my friends. Friendship is something highly valuable to me thus I find it important to embrace those people who you love the most but also to teach other the lessons I have learnt with them.


As well as my friendships, creativity and art. You will also get a little spice of my culture and my family life. As a black, muslim girl there are a lot of interesting events that I get to attend to/ celebrate such as Senegambian Week and Eid. Therefore I look forward to talking and educating many more people about who ‘Haddy Jeng’ really is.



So… those images are little snippet of who you’re dealing with. I am a great person with loads of interesting stories to share with the world. So sit back and enjoy the ride!!!