From events such as London Fashion Week gracing the streets, I have grown increasingly interested in the world of fashion.


As a young girl, I enjoyed drawing clothing items and designing models on interactive games in order to create a wonderful outfit that would complement the person wearing it. Additionally, with the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr, I have been able to engage with the style of many different people and appreciate all the amazing clothing items/ outfits out there. Simultaneously, I have been able to develop my personal style.

I have learned to accept my figure and embrace the creativity which follows with this industry. However, I haven’t chosen to blog about fashion because I am an expertise in the field, I have done it because I genuinely enjoy it. I have always wanted to explore my love for fashion but I have never discovered how to… until now.     tumblr_nghh5qJWYU1r23vc8o1_1280


The beauty of fashion is that you can get inspired from whoever, wherever and whenever. Hopefully, you can learn a little bit about what I like and follow my journey in the world of fashion!