New York Fashion Week 2017

This time of the year is notoriously known for the various fashion weeks and fashion related events in the fashion industry (Wow… so much fashion). It has all kicked off with one of the largest fashion capitals New York (Feb 9th -17th) which has just recently finished and will soon be followed by :

  • London: 17th-21st Feb
  • Milan: 22nd-28th Feb
  • Paris: Feb 28th – Mar 8th

As you all may or may not know, I love fashion! Although I am not a fashion blogger  I do like to peep into the industry wherever I can and keep up where possible! Therefore, to mark the beginning of fashion week in my home city: London, I wanted to reflect on some of the awesome things that came out of New York. The last time I discussed fashion week – lets just say it wasn’t the most positive piece (read here to find out) so it’s nice to give things a change and give credit where due.

  1. Anniesa Hasibuan
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Source: Express

Her work is a clear example that modesty doesn’t have to be simplistic and boring. Modesty can be reinterpreted in many ways and this is a clear example. It shows that Islam, isn’t a faith that conforms women into a small box where they all have to look the same or dress the same because clearly from her work – Muslims are anything but the same!

Image result for anniesa hasibuan

Source: ELLE

What I love most from this collection is way Hasibuan uses very bold metallic colour to contrast the simplicity of her pieces. However, to say her pieces are simple is an understatement because she manages to bring the outfits to life by incorporating various textures and patterns to create a dynamic piece instead of a ‘blank’ 2 dimensional canvas.

Watch her full fashion show below!

2. Kanye YEEZY Season 5

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Source: BET

West has always been able to surprise us and keep us anticipated at what his collections are and how his show will turn out to be. He is a very smart and calculated designer ensuring that his work is remembered. This year, his show entailed most of the pieces being displayed on a big screen before the models came out at the end to share the outfits in person.

The outfits this year were really comfortable and stylistic. To some extent reflective of my personal style as it featured a lot of denim, hoodies and jumpers. The style gave me quite laid back but cool vibes which was something I really liked. Such vibes were contrasted by the strong colours of blue, burgundy and the infamous camo print which are all very trendy at this time of year.

Image result for yeezy season 5

Source: Nice Kicks

Source: Nice Kicks

He also featured Halima Aden, the first girl to compete in a hijab for Ms Minnesto. From one Muslim sister to another, I can definitely say that I am so proud of what she has accomplished and what she has become. By being true to her faith and identity, she managed to accomplish so much in so little time. I thank Allah for blessing her with such success Alhammdullilah and I pray for such success to prosper Insha’Allah. She uploaded a post giving gratitude and I just wanted to share it because I found it so humbling and nice to read.


Source: Instagram

I may have only highlighted these two show, however they are great examples of how we are seeing a lot more diversity on the catwalk. The fashion industry is a huge culprit in creating a ‘reality’ that is clouded by ‘whiteness’. The world is made up of many cultures, religions, shapes, sizes and  backgrounds, consequently, fashion shows/magazines should also reflect the same.Such an art form should be realistic not ‘perfect’! Regardless, what has happened in NYFW 2017 (especially in these shows) has set an example for many designers to follow. By no means is this the end, but it is definitely the beginning!

Featured Image Source: Teen Vogue



Cultural Appropriation: Marc Jacobs and Dreadlocks

I always found Cultural Appropriation to be a topic that is highly controversial and quite scary to discuss. However, today I just couldn’t stay quiet. I have always been scared to discuss my opinions on this matter, but when I heard about the Marc Jacobs and Dreadlocks situation, I just had to vent my frustration.

For those of you who may not know, this season is home to multiple Fashion Weeks across the world.Whether it is from my blog, YouTube video or window shopping in Oxford Street, I have always loved fashion. One day, I hope that I will be able to watch the shows in fashion week and see all the amazing work by such creative designers. One of these designers, for example, is Marc Jacobs. With such talented designs, his brand and work is iconic. So when I saw a video about his show on NowThis Entertainment I was more than happy to watch. However the caption of the video got me the most: “Hey Marc Jacobs, dreadlocks on white models was probably not a good idea.” As soon I read that, things began to take a turn for the worse.

Basically, the video demonstrates the backlash Marc Jacobs has been facing for featuring white models wearing faux dreadlocks in his latest fashion show.

Initially, I  just felt like “here we go again…another Cultural Appropriation issue” because I have literally reached a point where I am just too frustrated to care. However, when I kept watching the video and researching about this issue, I just found myself getting even more angry. I am not the sort of person who gets angry very easily so when I do get angry it takes something big to do that. Not only were the comments I read beneath the video quite disgusting and ignorant but it was the fact that STILL in 2016 people don’t understand why people are so frustrated! One of those people being Marc Jacobs himself.

Image result for marc jacobs and dreadlocks

Source: The Mirror

Whilst reading the Mirror article: Marc Jacobs defends using dreadlocks in fashion show featuring Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner after sparking row, it mentioned Marc Jacobs response to the backlash. He stated:

Image result for marc jacobs and dreadlocks

Source: Refinery 29

“All who cry “cultural appropriation” or whatever nonsense about any race or skin color wearing their hair in any particular style or manner – funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair.

“I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. I don’t see colour or race – I see people. I’m sorry to read that so many people are so narrow minded… Love is the answer.

“Appreciation of all and inspiration from anywhere is a beautiful thing.”

This whole entire argument is in no way justified for what he has done. It’s clear to me that he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ and he doesn’t seem to care. As a matter of fact, on his Instagram page he has just been sharing articles which argue that what he has done isn’t wrong and “Cultural Appropriation” isn’t a ‘big deal.’ Moreover, on his Facebook page he has just been sharing images of the show and made no additional comments which clearly shows how little he cares about the situation.

  1. First of all he states:  “funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair.”

Well Mr Jacobs, if we take a little trip down memory lane to a period called slavery, maybe I can give you a little insight to why many women of colour (WOC) straighten their hair. During the slave trade, WOC (black people in particular) were ridiculed for their Afro-centric features i.e. dark skin, big lips and natural hair. Natural hair has collected numerous insults some more direct e.g. ‘nappy hair’ but other more subtle suggesting that natural hair isn’t ‘tidy’.

Dreadlocks usually occur when natural hair (which is of curly kinky texture), begins to lock in to place. Back in the day, hair tools such as comb and brushes were not readily available so this was just a natural thing to occur. As a matter of fact it collected the term ‘Dread’locks because people were actually scared of it’s appearance. Consequently, such hairstyles were usually frowned upon. In order for a slave to SURVIVE, it was better to look more white/Caucasian. Thus, over the years the creative protective styles from the various tribes of Africa soon became a part of history. Consequently, straighter hair wasn’t a choice simply from desire but a choice to SURVIVE! Unfortunately, this is still a part of our society today where certain institutions such as schools and the working environment still dismiss natural hair. For example, in South Africa where black girls protested against having their hair straightened.

So Mr Jacobs, it is very easy to point the finger to sway the blame but actually addressing the issue at heart is the tricky part!

2. Secondly he also claims that: “I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. I don’t see colour or race”

Very funny you should say that Mr Jacobs because I can’t see any colour either from your fashion shows. Out of all the multiple designs you would like to present I find it interesting how I don’t see many Asian people or black people also gracing the stage. I mean what is so wrong with some colour? Do we not fit your aesthetic? Does our skin colour not work well with your design?

I find it quite difficult to believe that you can argue that “Appreciation of all and inspiration from anywhere is a beautiful thing.” because I don’t see you appreciating it that much. From what I gather, you only perceive other cultures as  beautiful when they come from a white person. Maybe you should take the time to practise what you preach by actually sharing “love” for all cultures by displaying all cultures on the catwalk (not just on a white person).

The thing that frustrates me the most, is the fact that you are capitalising on something inherent to another persons culture and that is really offensive. Especially because in this current day and age, I still can’t go anywhere without having to ‘whiten’ my appearance in order to be accepted. It’s funny how although slavery has ended, the mentality of it still prevails. To be specific, we still see other cultures being treated as inferior to the white culture. If he really wanted to appreciate dreadlocks then he should have featured a black model which actually has REAL dreadlocks on her head.

I know this piece is very different from what I usually write but I thought it was important to share my opinions. Please feel free to share yours below!!! If you still don’t understand ‘Cultural Appropriation’ I will be writing a post about it soon so look out for my upcoming posts!

Featured Image Source: The Guardian

Fashion Feature: Skirts

It’s been a while since I last posted something fashion related but I was really happy about the response with the last post so I have decided to write another one. I have been thinking about what fashion topic I should talk about and I decided to talk about…SKIRTS!!!

Skirts are a great way of changing up your outfits and provoking different moods/ personalities. For example, a skater skirt allows you be free, fun and quirky whereas a pencil skirt can make you look sharp, sophisticated and chic. To add to that, they can be worn at any point of the year as long as they are styled in the right way. So who cares if its currently summer/ autumn… Grab your skirts! In this piece I will be mentioning 3 different types of skirts which I am a fan of just to kick start your skirts inspiration.

A line skirts

They are basic, comfortable and stylish all in one! I love how there is so much variety when it comes to this type of skirt because you can really create versatile outfits by incorporating this simple essential! For example:

  1. You could go for a midi length skirt if you want to look a bit sophisticated and keep those legs more covered. Then you can choose a basic or fun print e.g. floral depending on what mood you what to convey.
  2. Alternatively, you could vouch for a classic denim skirt! I feel like whatever the mood, whether you are lazy or you want to look a little cute and flirtatious, this piece works in practically any situation. Personally, I feel like it is an essential to have a denim skirt! Why? Well if jeans seem too boring and repetitive, they are a great way to spice up an outfit with little to no effort!




Skater skirts

Immediately they scream comfort from all directions. They aren’t very figure flattering so if you are worried about the skirt showing off your curves – this skirt generally wouldn’t be a problem. Whilst browsing, I noticed that because they are so popular, there is a huge range of skater skirts you can choose from. I was particularly interested in how the colour palette or material of the skater skirt could actually ‘upgrade’ your skirt to a special occasion/night outfit. They are very playful skirts and seem like they will keep you spinning for days!




Pencil/ Mini Skirts

Alas, lets not forget our beloved mini and pencil skirt. I believe both skirts can achieve similar looks and depending on what your personal preference is, you are likely to pick a side… #TEAMPENCIL (What team are you on? comment below)  Unlike, the skater skirts, I believe these skirts are definitely figure hugging! If you want to flaunt your curves and shape, this is the way to go. I have always been a fan of pencil skirts and body cons for this reason. Personally, I believe that wearing block colours and keeping these pieces simple is the key tip to their success!

  1. Pencil: There is nothing wrong with starting off with a basic black pencil skirt. It goes with practically anything and can be styled in numerous ways e.g you could pair it with a jumper or a cropped top. This skirt is as versatile as a skirt can get because you can wear it to a formal event e.g. a day at the office or switch it up for a sophisticated and stunning night outfit! If you don’t want the skirt to be too basic, look for little detailing that sets it apart e.g. the lace and side slits.
  2. Mini: These skirts are already ‘BOLD STATEMENT MAKERS‘. Why? Well they allow you to show of some skin by shedding some light on your legs. I am someone who LOVES their legs, like I can resist saying ‘DAYUMMM‘ when I look in the mirror. Having said that, you don’t want too much going on with the skirt. I recommend playing with the colour palette and looking for skirts which are tailored in interesting ways – don’t go too basic!

If I could afford to purchase all these skirts, I would buy them in a second but obviously that isn’t the case. I hope you take inspiration from these skirts instead of feel like you need to purchase the exact examples I have provided. I was actually surprised at the variety available at very good prices (under £10) so I am sure you will be able to find a skirt within your budget. I really enjoyed writing this post because I have also been very interested in fashion so it’s always exciting to window shop and decide which pieces I should add into the posts. If you have any suggestion for another fashion item or trend or just anything fashion related please let me know.

Otherwise, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content!

Haddy xoxo

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest

DISCLAIMER: The links to all sources for the images used can be found by clicking the image

Fashion Frenzy

Autumn… a month full of mustards, browns, oranges and burgundy. I always get excited for this season because these colour are so vibrant and full of warmth.

However, when summer was full of bright colours and short clothing, how do you change your outfits to match a slightly chillier climate? Well… the answer is fairly simple – piece by piece. Today, I wanted to show you a couple autumn trends which I am loving and hopefully you will get a better sense of this seasons fashion.


Cardigans are great at finding that balance and soothing the transition between a hot and slightly colder climate. They can keep you warm when its a bit of a breezy day whilst looking stylish and effortless. As a matter of fact, if you choose the right cardigan, you can get away with the simplest of outfits e.g. a little black dress.

Southwestern Pattern Longline Cardigan – £25 (Forever 21)

This cardigan is a great example of something that I would go for. The short cut sleeves allow you to show some flesh in those rare days of sunshine during the Autumn. Whereas, the knit provides some warmth on those chilly nights. The design is also very fun especially as Aztec prints are very trendy this time of the year. Another quirky trend which we can see featured above is the fringe. It gives you little bit of throwback sentiment whilst remaining stylish. Finally, the little patches of brown at the bottom help reinforce the autumn love!

Cardigan in a mohair blend – £24.99 (H&M)

However, sometimes it’s good to tone things down and keep it basic. Therefore, throwing on a classic black cardigan is something you can get away with all year round. If you do want to go basic, look for subtle details such as the waterfall effect around the lapel which helps to frame your outfit in a delicate way – regardless what you wear.


I don’t know about you but my jumper game is not strong currently… I am waiting for the day when I can purchase a lot more to fill up my wardrobe. Regardless, jumpers can create different moods in your outfit e.g. a Christmas jumper makes your whole outfit very festive. Thus, the simple task of choosing a jumper to wear could be much more difficult depending on what type of mood you’re feeling.

Fine-knit turtle neck – £14.99 (H&M)

Here is a different but stylish take on the classic turtle neck. It may not seem to be as obvious but it definitely gives your outfit that ‘cleaned up’ look. I love turtle necks for several reasons, one being they make you look very ‘put together’ but they also make you feel very comfortable as well. You don’t need to worry about throwing on a scarf because your neck is already covered from the cold. Additionally, this jumper is quite baggy and personally I love jumpers to be slightly baggy because you can look good whilst being comfortable. Finally, can we just applaud the mustard yellow – this colour screams “AUTUMN” from all angles. Therefore, you capture the colour of the season and spark some personality into an otherwise dull outfit.


Geo-Patterned Sweater – £23.00 (Forever 21)

On the other hand, it’s cool to keep things casual with a normal fitted jumper that can be either worn on slightly warmer days or layered for colder days. I really love how this jumper is a white colour as it helps brighten up a typically ‘dull’ day (commonly found in London). The pattern is also quite simplistic so you can mix and match items fairly easily. Simultaneously, if you don’t want to wear something which is completely plain/ basic this jumper fits the bill.


Unlike the other two items mentioned above, jeans are slightly more individual. There are huge range of jeans available from skinny, slim fit and straight, to boot cut, boyfriend and cropped. Once you have established a type, then you need to choose a colour and even then there’s even more choice e.g. stonewashed and ripped. Thus, its harder for me to choose a jean and say that it’s perfect for this season because I can’t even find one for myself. Additionally, any jean can fit the bill.

Ankle Jeans Super skinny fit – £24.99 (H&M)

Skinny Low Jeans – £7.99 (H&M)

Mom Jeans – £19.99 (H&M)

If there is any advice I would give about jeans it would be to make sure that you have some basic colours which you can wear regardless. I recommend a pair of black, white and blue jeans because regardless of what you wear or what season it is, the jeans will go well with it. Furthermore, choose jeans that make you feel comfortable e.g I wear jeans basically every where so when choosing them you want to ensure that they are the perfect fit. For girls like me with small waists and bigger hips, the task becomes a lot more difficult but if you are in the same position I would recommend high waisted jeans.

Anyway… we have reached the end of my first fashion post… WHHHOPPIEEE!!! I am actually really happy about what I written and I hope that you will learn something new from the tips I have given. I understand that a lot of the items in this post are quite expensive (mainly because I can’t afford them myself) so I don’t expect you to go fishing out for cash but take inspiration and find similar items in your wardrobe which are similar or create a similar effect.

However, I really look forward to posting more of these but I would also like to hear any request you might have for my fashion posts since I am very new to this.