New York Fashion Week 2017

This time of the year is notoriously known for the various fashion weeks and fashion related events in the fashion industry (Wow… so much fashion). It has all kicked off with one of the largest fashion capitals New York (Feb 9th -17th) which has just recently finished and will soon be followed by :

  • London: 17th-21st Feb
  • Milan: 22nd-28th Feb
  • Paris: Feb 28th – Mar 8th

As you all may or may not know, I love fashion! Although I am not a fashion blogger  I do like to peep into the industry wherever I can and keep up where possible! Therefore, to mark the beginning of fashion week in my home city: London, I wanted to reflect on some of the awesome things that came out of New York. The last time I discussed fashion week – lets just say it wasn’t the most positive piece (read here to find out) so it’s nice to give things a change and give credit where due.

  1. Anniesa Hasibuan
Image result for anniesa hasibuan
Source: Express

Her work is a clear example that modesty doesn’t have to be simplistic and boring. Modesty can be reinterpreted in many ways and this is a clear example. It shows that Islam, isn’t a faith that conforms women into a small box where they all have to look the same or dress the same because clearly from her work – Muslims are anything but the same!

Image result for anniesa hasibuan
Source: ELLE

What I love most from this collection is way Hasibuan uses very bold metallic colour to contrast the simplicity of her pieces. However, to say her pieces are simple is an understatement because she manages to bring the outfits to life by incorporating various textures and patterns to create a dynamic piece instead of a ‘blank’ 2 dimensional canvas.

Watch her full fashion show below!

2. Kanye YEEZY Season 5

Image result for yeezy season 5
Source: BET

West has always been able to surprise us and keep us anticipated at what his collections are and how his show will turn out to be. He is a very smart and calculated designer ensuring that his work is remembered. This year, his show entailed most of the pieces being displayed on a big screen before the models came out at the end to share the outfits in person.

The outfits this year were really comfortable and stylistic. To some extent reflective of my personal style as it featured a lot of denim, hoodies and jumpers. The style gave me quite laid back but cool vibes which was something I really liked. Such vibes were contrasted by the strong colours of blue, burgundy and the infamous camo print which are all very trendy at this time of year.

Image result for yeezy season 5
Source: Nice Kicks
Source: Nice Kicks

He also featured Halima Aden, the first girl to compete in a hijab for Ms Minnesto. From one Muslim sister to another, I can definitely say that I am so proud of what she has accomplished and what she has become. By being true to her faith and identity, she managed to accomplish so much in so little time. I thank Allah for blessing her with such success Alhammdullilah and I pray for such success to prosper Insha’Allah. She uploaded a post giving gratitude and I just wanted to share it because I found it so humbling and nice to read.

Source: Instagram

I may have only highlighted these two show, however they are great examples of how we are seeing a lot more diversity on the catwalk. The fashion industry is a huge culprit in creating a ‘reality’ that is clouded by ‘whiteness’. The world is made up of many cultures, religions, shapes, sizes and  backgrounds, consequently, fashion shows/magazines should also reflect the same.Such an art form should be realistic not ‘perfect’! Regardless, what has happened in NYFW 2017 (especially in these shows) has set an example for many designers to follow. By no means is this the end, but it is definitely the beginning!

Featured Image Source: Teen Vogue




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