Blog Bites: September Reflection

With all my recent posts, I feel like it is time to just cool things down and take some time to reflect on just life. September is drawing to a close and I feel like it’s just a cool thing being able to look back and see how far you’ve come in a space of the month. So sorry if you don’t like these personal type of posts because this basically going to be all about me. Having said that,if you want something a bit more political or what not you can wait for my Friday post or read last weeks post about Cultural Appropriation.

So… September… What have I done?

Well… when you put me on the spot, I’m actually having some difficulty to remember. I usually take each day at a time so I fail to remember everything I have done as a collective. I will try and recollect some memories and throw out whatever comes to mind

  1. I started Year 13 – OMG!!! I still can’t believe that I am in my final year of school. Typing that seems weird. It’s a similar feeling to how I felt in Year 11 but maybe not as nostalgic. With secondary school, I was saying goodbye to 5 years of my life whereas my current school has only been 2. After this I will be moving on to University and endeavouring another huge milestone of my life. One chapter of my life is closing and another is soon to begin; I’m not afraid of that but excited for it. Moving to another school has helped me with that because it has allowed me to get used to change and adapt to new environments. Additionally, I have noticed that I have become a lot more engaged with my work.
  2. University applications – Erghhh… growing up = responsibility and this is one of them. The university application process has been a roller coaster of a process which has challenged me both physically and mentally. However, because of this, I have been able to grow as a person (I might elaborate on this more in another post).
  3. Motivation! – One reason why I wrote my Motivation post last week was because I understand the difficulty in motivating yourself and keeping on top of things in school. I’m not going to lie and say I have been perfectly motivated since the beginning of the month, BUT, I can truly say that I have seen an improvement. For example, my procrastination has moved from an A* to probably a C (there’s still more improvement to go though) and that’s because I have been more focused and keen with school! I am really proud at how I can basically complete most of my homework relatively on time and that’s wayyyyy better than last year!

This may have been a bit longer than I expected… Sorry but once you start reminiscing you can’t stop!

P.S My life isn’t as boring as you think – I have done a lot more than I highlighted above I’ve just forgotten (this will improve over time)!

Haddy x

Featured Image Source: Time and date


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