Blog Bites: School Motivation

Hey guys!!! I’m back again with another edition of blog bites. The first edition went well so I look forward to what may come. Today I am going to be talking about all things SCHOOL related. I know…*YAWN* but hear me out. Today I am specifically trying to motivate us all to get through this year. Besides, this advice is basically applicable to all aspects of life.

Year 13. A very daunting year for me to conquer. On paper it looks great but in practice I am overwhelmed by the constant homework, revision and post sixth form prep that I just want to SCREAM!!!

Okay finally. I’ve let it out.

Now that the anger and frustration is gone, I can start thinking rationally. So what is my current situation:

  • A2 Exams
  • University applications
  • Homework
  • Revision

Yes. You guys are not alone. Just like you I have a lot of things to worry and that scares me. Last year I spent too much time getting too comfortable getting used to my new atmosphere and that’s just something I can’t afford to do again. BUT… How can I stop myself from reverting back?

Well… that’s where MOTIVATION kicks in!

It can be quite difficult to motivate yourself to work. How do I know? Because I suffer from motivation-deficiency quite regularly, but that’s okay. I mean who loves school 24/7? Regardless, we have to start by changing our mentality. Revision and studies shouldn’t be something that we NEED to do but something we WANT to do! As the old saying goes “Times goes by when you’re having fun.” So make your work something fun, something that you look forward to doing. Whether it’s by watching videos, creating posters or teaching your friends. Make things interactive so you don’t fall asleep!

Also, set short term targets to achieve long term goals. There will be many hurdles in your way but once you overcome them, you can cross the finishing line with ease.  You do you and work at your own pace (just don’t take too long because that was my mistake last year). People get so overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of exams but if you realise that life is more than a piece of paper then I am sure you will relish at every challenge that comes your way!

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