Wait… it’s Christmas?

Christmas EVE

Raise your hand if you still haven’t got that feeling of ‘Christmas cheer’?

I can definitely say that I feel the exact same way. For some reason I don’t feel very festive for Christmas this year. I don’t know whether its because I am getting older or because I don’t celebrate it religiously but for some strange reason Christmas doesn’t make me excited. The weird thing is, I have been bombarded by Christmas advertisements, deals, movies, jumpers and Christmas dinner (at school) but I still feel like we have another month to go. Regardless, I can say that I am looking forward to stuffing my little mouth with all the delicious food and deserts which I am yet to eat. Hmmmmm…. thinking about it now makes my mouth water.

Christmas DAY

I have now eaten that delicious meal and I am very satisfied. To add to that, I have a lot more food still yet to come – my Christmas wishes are certainly coming true. Now that it is Christmas, I want to quickly take the opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Throughout the day I have been messaging, whatsapping and snapchatting people and I have received many myself which makes me very happy (spread the Christmas love). Although I don’t really celebrate Christmas, it has been so nice to watch all my friends Snapchat stories or YouTube videos to witness the happiness which has been dancing across the homes of many. Call me cheesy… but it’s one of the best Christmas gifts I can receive (considering I don’t get any). My thoughts are still with those all around the world who might not be as fortunate to receive iPads and Mac products but it’s still nice to see how people remain grateful for what they have whilst acknowledging those who are less fortunate (e.g. ME LOOL).

Sorry this isn’t a very long post but I know that many people will not be reading this and are more concerned about having a nice chilled day with the family. SOOOO once again Merry Christmas and I look forward to speaking to you a lot more in the new year.





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