General Update #1

Hellllooooooooo readers,

How art thee?

Yes, sometimes I have very weird urges to speak in ‘Shakespearean English’. However, this is just how my random and complex mind works so I enjoy giving you guys a sample of what’s inside.

Regardless, the main point of today’s blog post is to update you all about where the heck I have been for the last couple of weeks. I am definitely not the world’s best blogger (because I DO have a life outside of the computer screen LOOOOL – I know, not really funny) but I do try my best. I really wanted to fill you and myself in with what’s been happening lately. It’s not until you actually sit down and think about things until you realise how fast time has sped by and all the crazy things you have done in the process.

One word to sum things up is SCHOOL! Yes, as a 16 year old blogger it is not easy balancing books and a blog at the same time. Especially as your focus usually zooms into one. Consequently, I have been procrastinating with my blog and pushing it aside in order to prioritise my school work. However, today is the first ‘official‘ day of my Christmas holiday so I thought that it would make logical sense to sit down and really have a heart to heart with the computer.

In terms of school, I get to look forward to a lot of mocks and exams in the new year…. Yippee! As a result, I have been trying to be productive in my revision and studies to ensure that I don’t jeopardise my A Levels. Additionally, I want to ensure I practice good habits e.g. time management in preparation for university and simply life in general. I know that sounds a bit deep, but I just find it important to practice good habits now so I don’t regret anything later. In contrast to all the academic activities, I have been quite engaged in the social activities at school e.g. watching the school performance so that I can remind myself that a 16 year old girl still needs a life outside school. Thus, I can look back in 20 years time and brag about all the fun and crazy memories of my teenage/ youth years.

In terms of my blog, I have a lot of fun things planned that I want to write about. Many of which are locked away in my head but never get typed up. Consequently, this holiday I am going to try and blog once a day so that I can save those blogs for ‘rainy days’ where I need to post but don’t have time to write anything. Additionally, I want to start posting on Mondays and Fridays just so I have a bit of time during the week and weekend to think/ see what’s happening in the world so I can write about current affairs whether it relates to politics, fashion or my life in general.

I am also under going some new personal challenges which I want to accomplish by the end of 2016. Rather than setting new years resolutions which I am unlikely to fulfil, I am just setting myself personal goals whenever I feel like it so that I am more likely to commit. For example,  I am undergoing a hair journey where I am currently transitioning to natural hair, therefore, I am aiming to commit and share the journey so I can track the progress along the way.

I apologise if this post isn’t as interesting as my others but I really wanted to have a ‘sit down session’ to review things before the upcoming year of 2016. Regardless, I look forward to being a bit more consistent and organised with my blog and with any other goals I have set myself.




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