Fashion Frenzy

Autumn… a month full of mustards, browns, oranges and burgundy. I always get excited for this season because these colour are so vibrant and full of warmth.

However, when summer was full of bright colours and short clothing, how do you change your outfits to match a slightly chillier climate? Well… the answer is fairly simple – piece by piece. Today, I wanted to show you a couple autumn trends which I am loving and hopefully you will get a better sense of this seasons fashion.


Cardigans are great at finding that balance and soothing the transition between a hot and slightly colder climate. They can keep you warm when its a bit of a breezy day whilst looking stylish and effortless. As a matter of fact, if you choose the right cardigan, you can get away with the simplest of outfits e.g. a little black dress.

Southwestern Pattern Longline Cardigan – £25 (Forever 21)

This cardigan is a great example of something that I would go for. The short cut sleeves allow you to show some flesh in those rare days of sunshine during the Autumn. Whereas, the knit provides some warmth on those chilly nights. The design is also very fun especially as Aztec prints are very trendy this time of the year. Another quirky trend which we can see featured above is the fringe. It gives you little bit of throwback sentiment whilst remaining stylish. Finally, the little patches of brown at the bottom help reinforce the autumn love!

Cardigan in a mohair blend – £24.99 (H&M)
However, sometimes it’s good to tone things down and keep it basic. Therefore, throwing on a classic black cardigan is something you can get away with all year round. If you do want to go basic, look for subtle details such as the waterfall effect around the lapel which helps to frame your outfit in a delicate way – regardless what you wear.


I don’t know about you but my jumper game is not strong currently… I am waiting for the day when I can purchase a lot more to fill up my wardrobe. Regardless, jumpers can create different moods in your outfit e.g. a Christmas jumper makes your whole outfit very festive. Thus, the simple task of choosing a jumper to wear could be much more difficult depending on what type of mood you’re feeling.

Fine-knit turtle neck – £14.99 (H&M)
Here is a different but stylish take on the classic turtle neck. It may not seem to be as obvious but it definitely gives your outfit that ‘cleaned up’ look. I love turtle necks for several reasons, one being they make you look very ‘put together’ but they also make you feel very comfortable as well. You don’t need to worry about throwing on a scarf because your neck is already covered from the cold. Additionally, this jumper is quite baggy and personally I love jumpers to be slightly baggy because you can look good whilst being comfortable. Finally, can we just applaud the mustard yellow – this colour screams “AUTUMN” from all angles. Therefore, you capture the colour of the season and spark some personality into an otherwise dull outfit.

Geo-Patterned Sweater – £23.00 (Forever 21)

On the other hand, it’s cool to keep things casual with a normal fitted jumper that can be either worn on slightly warmer days or layered for colder days. I really love how this jumper is a white colour as it helps brighten up a typically ‘dull’ day (commonly found in London). The pattern is also quite simplistic so you can mix and match items fairly easily. Simultaneously, if you don’t want to wear something which is completely plain/ basic this jumper fits the bill.


Unlike the other two items mentioned above, jeans are slightly more individual. There are huge range of jeans available from skinny, slim fit and straight, to boot cut, boyfriend and cropped. Once you have established a type, then you need to choose a colour and even then there’s even more choice e.g. stonewashed and ripped. Thus, its harder for me to choose a jean and say that it’s perfect for this season because I can’t even find one for myself. Additionally, any jean can fit the bill.

Ankle Jeans Super skinny fit – £24.99 (H&M)
Skinny Low Jeans – £7.99 (H&M)
Mom Jeans – £19.99 (H&M)
If there is any advice I would give about jeans it would be to make sure that you have some basic colours which you can wear regardless. I recommend a pair of black, white and blue jeans because regardless of what you wear or what season it is, the jeans will go well with it. Furthermore, choose jeans that make you feel comfortable e.g I wear jeans basically every where so when choosing them you want to ensure that they are the perfect fit. For girls like me with small waists and bigger hips, the task becomes a lot more difficult but if you are in the same position I would recommend high waisted jeans.

Anyway… we have reached the end of my first fashion post… WHHHOPPIEEE!!! I am actually really happy about what I written and I hope that you will learn something new from the tips I have given. I understand that a lot of the items in this post are quite expensive (mainly because I can’t afford them myself) so I don’t expect you to go fishing out for cash but take inspiration and find similar items in your wardrobe which are similar or create a similar effect.

However, I really look forward to posting more of these but I would also like to hear any request you might have for my fashion posts since I am very new to this.


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