Banking & Women

Hello readers,

It has been a pretty long time since I have actually taken the time to sit down and type up a post. Thus, I would just like to apologise for my absence. Since I have been ‘gone’ for quite some time I thought that it would be nice to just update you about what I have been up to and what I am planning/ going to do in the future.

On 6th – 10th July I had the pleasure of doing work experience at UBS (a bank that is in partnership with my school). It was a great experience because I got to talk to a lot of different people; this allowed me to learn more about the industry. Something which was very central to the week was the topic regarding women especially as there is a huge gender gap not only in UBS but the whole banking industry- which was honestly not surprising. However, I can say I was quite shocked at how wide the gap was e.g. on the trading floor there were 2 women amongst the team of men. Additionally, when the girls (who I was with during the week) and I, talked to a women named Annabel. She told us about when she first started working in the industry and how she attended a meeting of 30 being the only woman.

I learnt that the banking industry isn’t as bad as it seems and if you’re open minded about what you want to do in the future. You should definitely consider it especially as there is a huge range of jobs on offer from marketing to philanthropy. It isn’t just about working in the investment bank everyday from 9-5. Additionally, as a women you can bring a whole range of skills which the industry craves. This may sound far fetched but women can also change the success of a bank as well. Research proves that banks with women in their boards do far better than banks with only men. The industry is also trying to accommodate to the needs of women so that they can keep them in the job as well as get them to apply initially. For example, they understand that many women at some point may consider having a family hence UBS gives them the opportunity to have the best of both world by giving them 6 months maternity leave with full pay and a guaranteed job back. We met many mothers e.g. Kathleen and Tomi who both appreciated this. Additionally, there are options for women who don’t choose to have children so there is a wide range of opportunities available.

I know it may seem like I am glorifying banking and persuading you to work in the industry but I’m not. I know that many people are unaware of what the job curtails and the opportunities for women are coated, so I thought that it would make sense to use my platform to share them. My career path is totally different to banking since I want to get involved in International Politics, the UN and humanitarian causes but without my work experience I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn about the industry. Consequently, I believe work experience is essential to all young people because it provides you with an insight to the industry you want to go in to and allows you to decide whether it is the right one for you. Also, it opens your eyes to the possibilities out there so you can take a bite of each cake before you choose your favourite.

I thought today’s post would be quite different and relaxed but I have still managed to go into some deep and interesting topics which are open for discussion amongst yourselves and also the comments below. I hope you enjoyed learning about an industry and also more about women (I will probably make another post going into more detail).


For the next 2-3 weeks I will be participating in a programme called NCS. For more detail click here for some information about it. Therefore, I might go back into ghost mode, on the contratry there is a high chance I will be slaying the internet with a  lot of recounts/ vlogs about my experience *fingers crossed* so stay tuned.

Wimbledon 2015

15 Love. 30 Love. 40 Love. Deuce. Game, Set and Match!

Those were just a few words which were swirling around my mind. I wasn’t sick of the constant repetition of sounds but charmed by the sweet melody a.k.a the sympthony to my ears (okay… maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit). The main point is, as the match progressed I just become much more intrigued with the players and I found myself falling in love with the sport (ooops… I sound like my mother).

If you don’t understand what I was saying above, I would recommend you refresh your mind and start reading here. Essentially, I was attempting to imbed a variety of linguistic devices to compliment the games I watched at Wimbledon on Friday 4th July. Yes… quite simply, I had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon and watch many different matches in the ground courts because my amazingly fantastic friend Dilara asked me to accompany her to the event. Frankly, I felt very excited and happy because she basically presented me with another opportunity to experience some thing new and add another great event to my list of life long memories.

Initially, we aimed to meet at 8:30 however, I – being a clumsy clot – overslept and didn’t wake up until 8. Then, I rushed to get ready and didn’t meet her until 9 (which is pretty impressive if you ask me). From there we travelled via bus and tube all the way to Wimbedon where our magical journey began.

We were welcomed by the staff through the gateways of heaven to a gorgeous reception of greenery. The hill lay up ahead and in front of us were many people who were making their way towards it to watch matches on the big screen. Throughout the day the weather was unbelievably hot and it made us very weak and tired but we managed to watch a range of matches whilst constantly moving about.

We watched the females doubles, females singles and caught a glimpse of many of the men’s doubles.
All the different matches were exciting in their own way and that’s what made them interesting.

The experience of witnessing the action upfront was irreplaceable. The enthusiasm in both the players and the audience was contagious because by the end of the day I wanted to start playing Tennis.

Overall I couldn’t be any more thankful for being able to enjoy my day for the time it lasted. We went home at 16:00 which was a great time; although we couldn’t see the main stars e.g. Djokovic. The day was amazing regardless. I was very lucky to have this chance since many people dream about tickets for Wimbledon and still don’t get them.

So before I end this blog post, I would like to say THANK YOU to both my school and Dilara for allowing me to have this opportunity. Without whom I would have just been sitting at home doing nothing productive.