Love prevails all!

I was going to write something else today but after hearing the news I just had to halt in my tracks and steer towards a different direction. Why? Today the Supreme court ruled that same sex marriage is legal across ALL 50 states of the US!!!

I am shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. Honestly I feel like crying because for so long the LGBT community have been fighting for acceptance and equality; today is a huge milestone in their plight. I am not gay but I am huge supporter for the legalisation of same sex marriages. It sounds ridiculous knowing that you could be imprisoned for loving somebody. However today the states said NO! They embraced the pride of the people and granted them access to a right which they have been deprived of for so long: “the right to love.”

I hope that the example set by the states can be reflected upon countries through out the world. Hopefully, they are influenced to change their ways and people are influenced to campaign for what is rights. The timing for this announcement could not have been any better since tomorrow (27.06.15) in the UK we celebrate Gay Pride.

It is very sad that in the current day and age we still live amongst many homophobic people who can’t understand that gay people are happy people, gay people are normal people, gay people are people. They are no different to any one of us, they have skin, they have eyes, they have organs – they are not animals or aliens.

Who are we to judge them for who they love? Why do some people feel like we have the power to control their lives? It is blatantly stupid! Everyone in this world has the right to love who they want to and we don’t have to interfere.

Overall, I just want to say how proud I am of the LGBT community and all the things they have achieved so far. Their perseverance and resilience motivates me to carry on working towards equality everywhere. Although we see times where human rights have been violated e.g. the Charleston Church shootings (click the link to read my blog post about it) humanity is moving forward towards a world of peace and equality as proven today. No one should have to feel ashamed of who they are and hopefully…

At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won’t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.                                                                               – George Clooney

26.06.15 – A date to be remembered!


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