Vomit a rainbow!


Everyday our life is dictated by the norms of society.The way we look, the way we talk and what we do are all consequences of the rules implemented by society. But, who cares?

The last time I checked there was no set of rules in life and we could play the game our own way. Besides, the closest thing to restricting me from doing anything in life is the law – and that’s a good thing! Essentially, we are birds. We crack out of an egg, stay in the nest until our mother has nurtured her baby bird into a big bird. And… What do big birds do??? THEY FLY!

We are free to do whatever we want to, whenever we want to and however we want to… apart from killing the people we hate, stealing the newest Chanel perfume and drinking alcohol from the age of 2. Regardless, of those restrictions… the sky is the limit and you can get there in whatever way you choose to.

There is no survival guide for life (because trust me, if there was I would be following it religiously) but that’s what make life so beautiful: not knowing what’s coming around the corner and indulging into the unknown. People think you need to take baby steps to achieve your dream, but why can’t I take adult ones? People think that life is all about the materialistic things, but how come the happiest countries in the world are some of the poorest? People think that the colour of my eyes, hair or skin dictates my success in life, but why can’t I achieve what I want to achieve regardless of who I am? Sometimes… Human beings need to stop thinking so much and start acting.

I apologise if today’s post has turned out to be completely weird and sound like utter nonsense but I have had 3 exams today and my brain is literally in another world full of crazy loving hiptators (you know who you are) so I really don’t know what I am doing.

Regardless I simply wanted to say this:

Life is not about what the people see, it’s about what the people can do. If they take one step forward, take five! If they climb up a building, climb a mountain! No one can tell you how to act or live! So if they do… shimmy to the left and smile, because you’re worth it!

I don’t even know if that made sense but I hope you enjoy your life vomiting rainbows, riding unicorns and eating candy from the trees because… well, there is no because.


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