Holocaust Memorial Day

70. The number of years that have passed since the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of such a horrible part of European history.

For those of you who may not know, the Holocaust was a horrible genocide which involved the horrendous murder of Jewish people and other social groups e.g. homosexuals, Gypsies and Jehovah Witnesses. It was recorded that approximately, 11 million people were killed in total. 6 million of them were Jewish and 1.1 million of them were children. It lasted for 10-12 years beginning around 1933 when Hitler came into power in Germany.

Seeing such big numbers really opens up our eyes to the amount of innocent people who had to lose their lives simply because of their identity. Discrimination and Persecution was something that these people had to face everyday of their lives simply because they were different!

However, who has the right to kill, torture or abuse you because of your individuality and your background. No one! Therefore, it really saddens me to know such a cruel dictator and regime would promote such disgusting values upon the generations below them. Children were brought up to learn that acting in such a vile and cruel way was acceptable. Harming individuals who were different became the norm, and watching someone being humiliated in front of you was purely entertainment.

I’m not denying the fact that there were people who didn’t want to accept these attitudes, however those who were even brave enough to stand up for what was right were also treated terribly/ killed leaving society to make a difficult decision: Kill or be killed. Why should anyone have to make that choice? If I was in the same position, making that decision would be very difficult and I guess no one will actually understand how these victims must have felt unless we are put in their position (which I pray to God that we will never be in).

The reason why I chose to write this blog post about the Holocaust is not only because I wanted to pay tribute to all the heroes that died for their identity but because genocides such as this one have always been close to my heart. I am not Jewish and I am not German. However, I am a black Muslim girl. All three factors could have lead to my death or lack of value in society, had I been alive at the time. However, this shouldn’t be the case for anyone whether it is in the past, present or future.

I constantly get asked what I want to be in the future… and I respond by saying a UN representative. Why? I say this because I want to actively contribute in making this world a fairer place; where equality is the norm.

Overall, no one should be harmed because of their identity, colour, religion, gender or sexual orientation. So don’t be ashamed about who you are – stand proud, because we don’t need a boring world full of the same old thing but an exciting one with a difference.


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